The Rick Santelli video I promised.  AKA “The Shout Heard Around the World”

Time to get down to it

Ok, so I’ve been on tumblr a day and havent accomplished much other than my sweet new theme (thanks ThemeGarden).  Anyways, its time to get down to brass tacks as they say and start spitting some truth.

Item 1. Current Political Happenings

Sub-section of Item 1…Economic “Stimulus/Jobs/Housing Recovery/whatever the hell they decided to rename it to now” Plan.

Some go straight to the argument that it is turing our country towards socialism but I prefer the argument of fiscal irresponsibility.  With lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi saying things like “500 million Americans will lose jobs if this bill is not passed” (there are not even 500 million citizens of America) you have to wonder if everything that is going on with the bill is on the up and up.  There is such a rush to give this bill carte blanche/pass under any circumstances because its for the people, that the necessity of information dissemination amongst constituents is completely forgotten.  If the democrats of today hate the trickle-down, give the rich money to feed the poor, type of regan-omics I can not see one reason why they support this bill as it.  Listen to this video from CNBC’s Rick Santelli and tell me what you think.  If the people trading our money on the floor of the NYSE take serious issue, I think at least it deserves a moment’s attention

*something else interesting to watch is the studio anchors trying to play Santelli’s off as a joke.

More to come…I promise

Paralyzed by awesomeness

So just decided to check out Tumblr after hearing Gary Vaynerchuk plug it on Tweet-a-Thon this morning.  Have no idea what I am doing yet but I definitely am paralyzed by how cool and expansive this site is

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